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Best Fan Price in Nepal – (Updated 2021)

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With the advent of time, scientific inventions made human life easier. Everyday something new is invented to make human life easier. During summer season, for gaining coolness and relaxation, human beings invented fans. There are various types of fans based on functionalities and materials used on them. Nowadays during the summer season, ceiling or wall fans are necessary in every household. Nepali typical houses have a huge demand for electric fans for household purposes because of warm weather in Asia continent. As compared to fans, air conditioners are much more expensive and are considered as out of budget for normal Nepali customers. 

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Choose from Different Types of Fans from

Depending upon the type of the home infrastructure or personal interest the type of fan used in home differs. 

  1. Ceiling fan: Based on its name, the location of this fan is the ceiling of the house. Ceiling fans are found in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. This fan has long wings and a comparatively larger size.
  2. Wall fan: As the name suggests, fan’s wings are usually covered with a round cage. This type of fan hangs on the top of the wall. The attribute of this fan can also rotate the upper section or remain at a fixed position.
  3. Mini fan: As the name suggests mini fans are the smaller size fans and have various design and usability. Mini fans are small in size so they can be placed on the floor, tables or even on the bed. Due to the lightweight of these fans they are too handy to carry them during journeys, and also act as evaporative coolers. One of the best features of these types of fans is portable and they are cheap in cost as a normal client's budget.
  4. Rechargeable fan: Regular supply of electricity is not possible in certain conditions. People who mostly prefer travelling and love long journeys or long stays at other places might need rechargeable fans. In a few parts of Nepal, there is an issue of the consistency of electricity. Rechargeable fans are best for these conditions.
  5. Computer cooling fan: After using computers, sometimes computers, mainly laptops, heat up after using a certain time. The heat generated during this time causes some digital parts destruction. For avoiding these physical damage, laptops cooling fans play an important role.

    Fan price in Nepal

        Electric fan manufacturers: Manufacturers are the ones who build the wind-generating electronics for everyone. These useful fans are created all over the world under a most popular collection of brands like Fujita, CG, Daisuake, Baltra, Havells, Better life, Electron, Colors, and Home Glory. CG, Baltra, and Havells have origins from different countries in the world which makes them familiar to Nepal. These brands have huge amounts of dollars to make the engineering of fans and other appliances. These are the most popular global organizations that also support other electronics appliances like cables, heaters, fans and many more. 

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        While talking about the most important home appliances fan is also one of them. The fan circulates air all over the room and makes the room feel more comfortable. It also acts as ventilation and prevents harmful gases and fumes. The best part about the home appliances is it operates on minimum electricity. There are many types of fan. Some of the main types of fan are ceiling, exhaust and portable fans. Thank Nepal’s no.1 online shopping i.e, where you can buy all types of fans from the comfort zone of your own home. Trusted brands like Fujita, CG, Daisuake, Baltra, Havells, Better life, Electron, Colors, and Home Glory. CG, Baltra, and Havells have a vast range of ventilators or fans to choose from. These appliances have evolved with time and they come with improved technology like motors, enhanced designs and intuitive controls. They are made up of high-quality materials that make them durable and long lasting service. They are available in a variety of styles, prices, sizes and material used in them as per your budget. 

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        There are various types of fan among them stand fan is one of them. Stand fan makes your home or office environment very easy and stress free with one of the best solutions for the summer season. As per your requirement you can easily move the stand of the fan whenever it is needed. You can adjust the stand of the fan so easily wherever it is needed more. Choose your favorite brands from the huge collections of fans having variations on brands, sizes, prices, capacity and colors from top brands like Fujita, CG, Daisuake, Baltra, Havells, Better life, Electron, Colors, and Home Glory. CG, Baltra, and Havells. We committed to deliver you the best and original quality of product.  Make your transaction safe and easier using various online payment gateways to make your online shopping transaction secure. You can get products delivered anywhere across the country as per your requirement.

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