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Assembled i5 Desktop Set (4th Gen, 4GB Ram, 120GBSSD,500 GB HDD, 19' Monitor)
16% OFF
Assembled i5 Desktop Set (3rd Gen, 4GB Ram, 120GB SSD / 500 GB HDD, 19' Monitor)
7% OFF
Assembled i3 Desktop Set (4th Gen, 4GB Ram, 120GB SSD,500 GB HDD 19' Monitor)
15% OFF
Assembled i3 Desktop Set (3rd Gen, 4GB RAM / 120GB SSD / 500 GB HDD / 19' Monitor)
11% OFF
WIFI Desktop Computer CPU Assemble Wireless Intel Core i5 (10th Gen) / 4 GB DDR4/ 1000GB- 1 TB HDD Intel HD Graphics 64 bit Windows 10
9% OFF
WIFI Desktop Computer Assemble Wireless Intel Core i5 (10th Gen) / 4 GB DDR4/ 1000GB- 1 TB HDD/ 19 inch Monitor Intel HD Graphics 64 bit Windows 10
10% OFF
Dell  Vostro 3888 i5/10th gen / 4GB RAM / 1TB HDD
5% OFF
Lenovo legion  T5 I5/ 16 RAM- 1TB HDD + 256 SSD /1660 6GB Super 10th gen
5% OFF
Assembled desktop, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor / 4GB / 120GB/500 GB HDD  /  19" Monitor
15% OFF

Desktop Computer Price in Nepal - Buy Desktop Online


Desktop Computer Price in Nepal - Buy Desktop Online

Desktops are one of the most popular laptop structures today. So choose to get discounted desktop computer prices in Nepal. You can now purchase clever searching and green computer systems at Shop online via the usage of surfing via our top-notch variety of computers at The merchandise featured on our online save are from some maximum broadly recognized manufacturers together with Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Thin Pcs and plenty of others. You can discover PC structures. It is many sizes and with many features. You can locate 19. Five computers, 21.5 computers, multi-function computer systems and extra in our series. No, don’t forget what your requirement is, our big variety is certain to satisfy your also provides various computer accessories like monitor, keyboard and mouse, printer scanner copier, gaming, software & subscriptions, laptop bag, storage devices, router & networking, accessories, pen drive

We have a wide range of desktops. We have from core 2 duo to core i5. Shop now to get great deals and offers here in our store. Great quality with cheap price. is Nepal’s leading electronics eCommerce of Nepal sells a wide range of clothing, food and grocery, electronics and IT products, Home and living appliances. Furthermore, you can explore the PC of various brands with different specifications at online shop. We provide variations and more options on desktop computers based on the user requirements.  

If you are looking for a personal computer for various purposes like gaming, office work, computer programming or other various uses like animations and graphics design. We also provide you the assembled PC as per the customer requirements. is the complete store for electronics and IT products where you can choose computer accessories, laptop accessories, workstation PC or Personal desktop computers, gaming pc as per the customers requirements. provides the facilities of getting 100% genuine desktops computers at an affordable price. The facilities of insurance, customer support service and warranty support on desktop computer purchase from online store.

Best Desktop Computer Price in Nepal - Buy Desktop Computer Online in Nepal 

The price of the desktop computer depends on the specifications of the user requirements. It is very difficult to match the user requirements of your PC with the budget and technical difficulties.  So we recommend you to use an assembled PC. Although we have limited stock on the number of desktop PCs in our store, we can provide different computer accessories to assemble your own PC. The assembled PCs are assembled based on your budget and other technical requirements. However, we currently offer these discount facilities only on the dell desktop price in Nepal.

You can now buy branded computers online at In. What’s extra, you can purchase your preferred display at an appealing rate. It brings to your particular discounts that allow you to shop for the good PC structures available inside the marketplace these days at amazing costs. So, when you have been considering the concept of buying a computing device, however, have refrained yourself because of the charges, that is your chance to pick up a product at the maximum profitable costs. So cross-browsing to Socheko. In nowadays and purchase computing devices online for tremendous expenses. 

Feel free to contact us in order to inform us about your custom requirement so that we can assemble the desktop of your choice.Get an affordable desktop computer price in Nepal from

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