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Electric Kettle & Vacuum Flask

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1.5L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle
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Baltra Empura Electric Airpot 2.5 Ltr. BAP 207
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Baltra Hot Pot Launch Box BSL 224 , 2000ml
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Baltra 1000Ml Bottle Shape Vacuum Flask Bvb 104
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Baltra Slimline Steel Flask 750 ml - BSL 203
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Baltra Wonder Travel Flask/Pot 1800ml - BSL 222
10% OFF
Baltra Whistling Kettle Neo Bc 146
10% OFF
10% OFF

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Electric Kettle Price in Nepal | Buy Electric Kettle Online from brought affordable electric kettle prices in Nepal. The stylist designs electric kettle and jug with different colors and sizes at the best price in Nepal. Electric kettle and jug is a daily usable product of human beings electric kettle and jug is mainly used to boil water, to make tea by use of electricity. Electric kettle and jug make your life very easier to boil water, and to make tea when your gas is finished at home. This product mainly uses the students also who live in the hostel. Life in a hostel is really difficult. No home-cooked meals, no parents to pamper you, and no kitchen to sneak into for a midnight snack. You even have to compromise with your tea timings because of no kitchen access. But what if we say you can easily solve this problem by simply ordering an electric kettle online. That’s true. Today more and more people are finding it convenient to invest in an electric jug. Whether you are living alone in an apartment, staying in a hostel or in your own house with a family, this home appliance will serve you well on different occasions. We have prestige, ortan, scarlet, ibell, Philips, baltra and all other brands with the different colors like black, white, silver, pink, purple with the best quality and design. Buy the electric kettle and jug at the best price in Nepal from is the only one online shop from where you can only find genuine items at the best price in Nepal. This product mainly helps you to boil water and make tea easily. It is a multipurpose cookware from which you can boil the water and make tea. We can deliver the product as soon as possible. In Kathmandu valley we can deliver the product in two hour and for the order from outside the valley or Kathmandu we take 1 day to deliver the item. Buy an electric kettle online from at the best price in Nepal. Make your life stylist by using our product.

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Some of the advantages of electric kettle over normal kettle are. The electric kettle boils water faster than that of the normal kettle and it has an automatic shut-off valve when water has been boiled. This type of kettle is suitable for those who forget the shut-down of the stove and get benefits from the electric kettle. Browse the electric kettle price in Nepal, compare prices among different online shopping sites and get the best brands of electric kettle online from