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Home Appliances

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Nikai Vacuum Cleaner 2000 watt
NPR 16,000
NPR 19,990
20% OFF
Nikai Vacuum Cleaner 1600  Watt (NVC-990T)
13% OFF
Stainless steel Mirror Box
NPR 9,500
NPR 12,499
24% OFF
Neon Electric Oven 45 Ltrs
NPR 11,500
NPR 12,990
11% OFF
Neon Electric Oven 30 Ltrs
NPR 9,500
NPR 10,990
14% OFF
Bartolini Gas Heater (orange) (Italian made)
15% OFF
Bartolini Gas Heater
NPR 14,500
NPR 16,990
15% OFF
NPR 1,500
NPR 1,799
17% OFF

Home Appliances Online in Nepal | Get Best Deals

Home appliances sold online in Nepal from and at your doorstep are readily available. A gadget is something that decreases the commitment of a person to practice a desired undertaking. Back in the day, they treated domestic home appliances as luxuries. Many current developments have made it possible to produce home appliances at nominal fees today. They are so low costs that every home nowadays almost discovers home appliances such as a handheld vacuum cleaner, safe spray mop, and magic hose pipe containers. Decorate your kitchen with a wide variety of kitchen appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner, air conditioners, water purifiers, gas cooker, kitchen chimney, rice cooker, roti maker, etc. At a fair price, we provide you with specified details and give you any product possible to decorate your kitchen.

Home Appliances Online | Get Best Deals from

There is a not uncommon perception that for publications that do not require a test or clarification of their running conditions, the web store is more readily visited. In seeking to "check" their home appliances, people ask the shopkeeper or the household appliances agency to run the respective domestic appliances to ensure that the devices are running. This was the predominant explanation that most individuals were unable to buy home appliances online.

Vacuum Cleaners

This is one of the most fashionable small domestic gadgets within the innovative market. Vacuum cleaners make cleaning very much less tiring and are to be had at reasonably priced quotes.

Water Purifiers

Clean water is a need for a disease-free and healthy lifestyle. As Nepalese have become all the more health-aware each day, water purifiers are being purchased a lot these days.

Air Conditioners

Fans are no longer enough to live cool on a sizzling summer season day. Air conditioners are a necessary luxury to sleep better at night time and to maintain the heat to your homes at bay. There are many manufacturers that manufacture air conditioners of immoderate fine.

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Home Appliances 

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