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Microwave Oven

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Fujix electric oven 42 ltrs
NPR 18,700
NPR 20,990
11% OFF
Fujix electric oven 35 ltrs
NPR 15,500
NPR 17,990
14% OFF
Fujix electric oven 28 ltrs
NPR 12,500
NPR 14,900
16% OFF
NPR 10,999
NPR 11,575
5% OFF
NPR 11,995
NPR 12,575
5% OFF
Baltra Bot-108 Foster 21L Otg Microwave
11% OFF

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Microwave Oven Price in Nepal | Get Best Deals from brought a stylish microwave oven at the best price in Nepal. Microwave oven has become an essential kitchen appliance. It consists of a magnetron tube and they use microwaves to heat food. It is one of the most energy efficient kitchen appliances that make your cooking job easier and cooks food perfectly. Microwave ovens are used for different cooking needs like reheating, boiling water, melting cheese, chocolate pudding, lemon garlic broccoli, popcorns, and so many other cooking needs. Some features of Microwave Oven  power rating, Sensor, Numeric Keypad, Removable racks, 1-minute or 30-second keys, turntable vs tray, convection cooking, grilling and browning and many features you can find from our item. We have the most popular brands of microwave ovens like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Panasonic, Baltra and all other brands with the most beautiful colors like black, White, Red, Silver, Grey with the most beautiful design available in our stock. Buy Microwave oven at the best price in Nepal from is only one online shop of Nepal from where you can only find the genuine and branded item which provide the product at the best price as compare as the other online shop. We have many collections of Microwaves on sale in our stock at best price Nepal in These product is mainly help you to cook cooking a lot easier and healthier. It is a multipurpose cookware that can be used like reheating, boiling water, melting cheese, chocolate pudding, lemon garlic broccoli, popcorns. We can deliver the product as soon as possible. In Kathmandu valley we can deliver the product in two hour and for the order of outside valley or Kathmandu we take 1 day to deliver the item. Buy the lg microwaves and other different brands of oven from at Best price Nepal and make your life stylist by using our product.

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Microwave ovens' functions are not just limited to melting butter or defrosting chicken only, it has so many uses other than this. Some of the additional features of a microwave oven are baking or roasting, defrosting the ingredients in a Microwave oven. Please follow in order to fulfill your need of an Electric microwave oven of the best brands at affordable price range in Kathmandu valley and all over Nepal. We provide you the best online shopping experience on microwave ovens and many other products under different categories. Visit Nepal’s no.1 online shopping and get cheap microwave oven prices in Nepal including different brands oven prices in Nepal like, LG microwave oven price in Nepal, CG microwave oven price in Nepal.