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Trousers & Chinos

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Cotton Fur Joggers For Men
Out Of Stock
Summer Slim Fit Cotton Chinos For Mens
38% OFF
Warm Winter Trouser
23% OFF
Winter Men's Comfortable Tracksuit Set Trouser And sweatshirt
14% OFF
Winter Cotton fleece Tracksuit set trouser and Jacket for men
8% OFF
Sweatshirt & Trouser- Set of 2 (Black)
36% OFF
Winter Joggers for Men

Buy Trousers For Mens

Earlier, men in the wes...

Buy Trousers For Mens

Earlier, men in the western world wore breeches. Over the ages, these were modified and were known variously as pants or trousers. Today this is the standard wear for men across the globe. Whether you are going to work, attending a party or enjoying a round of golf, a comfortable, well-stitched pair of trousers for each occasion is a must-have. Have a look at the catalogue on Socheko and choose from a wide range of trousers for men.

Shop Online for Men's Trousers at Socheko

Buy Trousers & Pants for Men's. Huge Collection. Great Offers and Discounts. New collection of trousers for men this Fall 2020 at Socheko. Chino pants, jogger or cargo stripes, plaid or camouflage to complete any of your looks.

Keep it Formal or Casual

You can choose casual trousers for regular use or for special occasions. You can also choose cargo pants, while you are travelling or on an adventure vacation. Corduroy trousers provide a formal look but give a sense of casual comfort. You may also choose jodhpuri trousers for a special occasion for something different. These trousers make great party wear too. Depending on the fit you can choose between regular fit, comfort fit and slim fit. Cotton pants keep you comfortable in hot weather. You also have a choice between other fabric types like cotton, blended cotton, lycra, and more.