Anion Ozonizer

Anion Ozonizer

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Description of product

Benefit of Anion Ozonizer

  1. It improves health by removing pesticide and chemicals from fruits and vegetables.
  2. It deodorizes seafood, meat poultry products.
  3. Keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for longer duration.
  4. Keeps kids healthy by sterilizing their tooth brush, bottles and toys.
  5. Disinfects air, water and food.


  • Remove chemicals,pesticides,carcinogens,preservatives from fruits,vegetables & processed food. Reacts with pesticides and eliminates the same from fruits and vegetables
  • Kills 99.99 % of germs,bacteria’s & viruses in the fruits,vegetables,meat and fish
  • Eliminate hormones and antibiotics from meat and poultry
  • Remove odor & toxins from fish and seafood
  • Purify & draw toxins(formaldehyde,ammonia and volatile organic compounds) out of air in freshly painted/renovated premises or stale air in homes
  • Removes chemicals and micro organisms from drinking water
  • Disinfect food in refrigerator
  • Keeps fruits,vegetables and eatables fresher for a longer time
  • Disinfect nursing bottles and toys etc
  • Removes foul smell from refrigerator,cupboards and rooms

Technical Parameters

  • Model- OZ-881
  • Electrical Requirement- AC 220V/50HZ
  • Power Consumption- 18W
  • Ozone Output- 18W
  • Ozone Working Time- upto 30 mins per session
  • Anion Output- 4 million/cm3
  • Product Size- 28x21x8 Cm

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