Apple iphone 6 Display

Apple iphone 6 Display


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Description of product

  • This repalcement of Screen is only for Iphone 6 model with iphone 6. 4.7 inch Model A1549,A1586, A1589 only . Not for Iphone 6s
  • Please make sure that you identy your phone correctly before purchase wrong model may damage your phone.
  • With out proximity sensor , front speaker, Home button and Touch Id ,home button flex, so please swap them out from older screen and install them.
  • Please Keep your phone power offwhen assemblling.
  • There are different sizes and length screws when you replace your Iphone assembly, please remark each screws and put them in the original place [very improtant].otherwise the screen will be easy broken if you put the screw in the wrong place.
  • check the LCD to make sute that the flexible cable is good condition and no debris /visible dust on the connector .
  • Its better to search related installing video on youtube, our instruction only as a reference.
  • There is a stricker and laminated palstic on the screen if you eject ,remove ortake outthen product willnot return back. warrenty not claimed.
  • Our product is completly checked 2 times befor shipping

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