Baltra Sauce Pan Hard Anodised Cookware [14 cm, 16 cm]

  • Brand : Baltra
  • Product Name : Hard Anodized Cook Ware
  • Model Name: SAUCE PAN
  • Size : 14 cm, 16 cm
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Made the usage of Heavy Gauge High Quality Imported Aluminium with High Micron Coating making it Long Lasting. Food stick resistant. Essential for day by day cooking & boiling wishes.
Deep vessel top that’s useful to cook dinner & boil. Non-Toxic, Non Staining & Non-reactive with food & remains searching new for years.
Resistant to Corrosion & Abrasion. Metal Spoon pleasant.
Easy to clean with hot water and mild soap wash.
Package Contents: 1-Piece Hard Anodised Cookware Lifetime Sauce Pan
All our difficult anodised cookwares are professionally manufactured using aluminium which is electro-chemically hardened having a high micron coating for incredible sturdiness existence span. This long-lasting extremely long lasting cookware is non-toxic, non-porous, non-staining, and non-reactive with meals. This sauce pan is for quick heating or boiling. It comes with sturdy riveted live cool chrome steel handles for smooth coping with. All merchandise is synthetic with particular workmanship pass via stringent manipulate tests.

MaterialHard Anodised Cookware
Size16 cm
Size14 cm
Warranty1 Year