Barbie Spaghetti Chef Doll & Playset

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Sold By: Maverick

Description of product

Barbie Spaghetti Chef Doll & Playset

  • Get cooking with this Barbie® play set designed for serving up spaghetti dinners!
  • Barbie® doll will heat up the kitchen in a chef-inspired top with blue apron detail, black pants, blue shoes and an oven mitt.
  • Young chefs can create spaghetti noodles and meatballs with dough using the pasta-making tool and roll meatballs with the second color for added fun.
  • Prep the tool by inserting the pasta cutout into the tool’s slots and inserting the selected color dough into the compartment within the tool.
  • Press the tool lever down to push dough through to form spaghetti noodles.
  • The kitchen setting is created with a combination that includes stove, oven, counter and shelving unit with a brick-inspired design and hooks for accessories.
  • Themed pieces, such as cookware and serving pieces, extend the opportunities for career exploration and creative storytelling.

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