Bosch CCS700 Conference Delegate Unit

Bosch CCS700 Conference Delegate Unit


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  • Compact, attractive design
  • Built-in volume control for headphones
  • Microphone with flexible stem and light ring
  • Two headphone sockets

Description of product

Bosch CCS700 Conference Delegate Unit

The CCS700 Ultro discussion system is suitable for use in meetings and conference venues with a limited number of participants.The CCSE-DL delegate units enable participants to actively take part in the meeting proceedings. A builtin microphone allows them to speak to the other delegates, and they can listen to the discussion using the built-in loudspeaker or (optional) personal headphones.


  • Microphone with flexible stem and light ring: The microphone has a flexible stem, which is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences. It also allows two people to use the same delegate unit as they can pull the microphone towards them, when it is required to speak.The microphone is fixed to the base of the delegate unit.Incorporated into the head of the microphone is a light ring which illuminates red when the microphone is on.
  • Built‑in loudspeaker: Loudspeaker volume is set centrally at the control unit for all delegate units. To prevent acoustic feedback, the built-in loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is on.
  • Two headphone sockets: Two 3.5 mm (0.14 in) stereo headphone sockets (wired for mono) allow two pairs of headphones to be connected so two delegates can simultaneously use the unit.
  • Built‑in volume control for headphones: The headphone volume level can be adjusted by means of a thumbwheel on the unit for maximum comfort.

Controls and Indicators:

  • Microphone on/off button.
  • Rotary volume control for adjusting headphone volume.
  • Loudspeaker, automatically muted when microphone is on.
  • Microphone ‘on’ indicator (red LED).
  • Light ring indicator on microphone stem, lights up red when microphone is on.

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