• Brand: CG
  • Model: CG-MW20A01S
  • Capacity: 20 Ltr.
  • Mirror Look: No
  • Output Power: 800 W
  • Express Cooking: Yes
  • Control (Manual/Digital): Digital
  • Auto Cook Menus: 9
  • Auto Defrost: Yes
  • No. of Power Levels: 10
  • Digital Clock
  • Digital Timer
  • Digital Control
  • Express Cooking
  • Defrost
  • Glass Truntable
  • End Cooking Signal
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Warranty: 1 year

A microwave oven is an electric oven that heats and chefs meals by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation inside the microwave frequency range. This induces polar molecules inside the meals to rotate and bring thermal strength in a method referred to as dielectric heating. Microwave ovens warm ingredients speed and correctly.

Capacity 20 Ltr.
Brand CG