DLQ Multi-Function Meat Grinder

DLQ Multi-Function Meat Grinder

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  • Simple Structure
  • Easy Disassembly
  • Easy to Clean
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Description of product

Product Features:

This product features is a simple structure, novel appearance, and for the sub structure design, easy disassembly, Easy to clean, suitable minced variety of foods. Such as meat, beans classes and poached dishes.

Processed Foods

Meat, poached meat can be mixed together Aquatica a stirring system, such as mushrooms, plum Vegetables and cabbage, walnuts, peanuts and nuts, etc. (required to remove crust). Green beans category, potato scallops (former crush, first soaked).


Meat first time a piece of meat cut on a small dish of small figure. Be careful not to twist the piece of meat on the inside, beacause of the limited capacity of the products, meat too much effect on product life, Sharp metal blade, carefully hand injury. After planningto be dry cleaned, cool after the stem into a container close up.


  • Remove the inside pakaging, careful not to touch the blade, so cut your blade.
  • Do not the product for a long time in the past by the fire, to protect against high-temperature melting, burning, deformation.
  • Do not sterilizer pasteurized to avoid product deformation. The first time use, shall be cleared wash after use should be placed in the reach of children.
  • Please do not use hard substance, beacause it is easy to cause the blade gap, misplaced.

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