Farlin Body Wet Wipes For Babies (85 Pieces)


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Farlin Wet Wipes 85's Skin Care

Brand: Farlin
Model: DT-006D
Age Group: 0 months +
Packaging Type: Packet
Quantity: 85 pcs
Unique easy-to-open lid design.
Anti-rash, non-fluorescence, contains rich moisturizing substance.
Multipurpose and easy to carry.
Keeps delicate skin clean and fresh.
Soft, alcohol & fragrance free.
Non-fluoresence, super enriched moisturing effect.
Wet wipes come in a packet and are made to be alcohol free so that they do not cause any harmful side effects to the baby's body & also provide a soft and moisturizing feeling to the baby's body and free them from dryness and discomfort.

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