Farlin Breast Pump 2

Farlin Breast Pump 2


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Description of product

  • Brand: Farlin
  • Type: Manual Breast Pump
  • Compatible Accessories: 150cc Bottle
  • Material: Diaphragm – Silicone 180°C; Breast Shield – Polycarbonate 125°C; Joint – Polycarbonate 125°C; Suction Release button – Polypropylene 110°C; Gasket – Silicone 100°C; Tube – Silicone 180°C; Adapter & Piston – Polycarbonate 125°C; Pump Bomba – Silicone 180°C; Cap – Polypropylene 110°C; Nipple – Silicone 180°C; Screw – Polypropylene 110°C; Bottle – Polypropylene 125°C
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Suction release button to increase the effort.
  • Silicone liner can massage the breast to ease the pain in breast
  • Eliminating the needs from the noisy motors or batteries found in electric pumps.
  • Breast shields with silicone diaphragm, which ease the pain and massage the breast for promoting the milk flow;
  • Also is helpful for expressing milk more smoothly.
  • Enlarged breast shields widen the massage range for further promoting the milk flow.
  • Can easily convert to a nursing bottle by using a cap and nipple (included).
  • Recommendation: Even though pump, diaphragm, joint and gasket are heat resistant, in order to avoid reducing their elasticity and effect of suction, please do not boil or sterilize them.
  • Apply massage and hot compress on the breast before use.

The Farlin guide breast pump kit offers reliable suction, at the same time as imitating your child’s suckling motion to stimulate “permit-down” and provide fast milk flow and gently. The pump is easy to gather and discreet to apply.

Doctors endorse breast milk is the first-class nutrients for the infants during the first year. Your Farlin breast pump will assist you breast feed longer. You can explicit and shop your milk on the right second.

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