Farlin Pink Thermos Bottle (Unbreakable)


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Description of product

  • Brand: Farlin
  • Model: BF-220
  • Type: Thermos Bottle
  • Age Group: 1 Month +
  • Capacity: 250cc
  • Nipple Attachment: Yes
  • Material: Silicone Nipple 180°C; Polypropylene Cap 110°; Polypropylene Screw 110°C; Polypropylene Stopper 110°C; Bottle - Polypropylene 110°C, Polycarbonate 125°C
  • Silicone nipple included.
  • The bottle's capacity is 9 oz. (250 c.c.).
  • The bottle cap can be used to take water.
  • Excellent warm-keeping effect, very convenient for travelling and late night feedings.
  • Outer bottle is made from durable polycarbonate material and also the bottle cap can be used as a water cup.
  • Inner thermos bottle has a temperature tolerance of 120°C (248°F) to -20°C (-4°F).
  • Keeps the liquid warm during feeding time.
  • If using powdered formula, you may keep water warm and add formula at feeding time.
  • Attention: It is not recommended to keep milk warm for long periods of time as milk spoils easily if not refrigerated.
  • Suggestion: For better keeping warmth effect, it is suggested to pour boiling water in the bottle first for warming-up for a while, and then replace the water with another hot water.
  • To Clean: Wash with a mild detergent and warm water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Do not boil or sterilize this product.

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