Farlin Safety Cotton Buds - 50 pcs - TOP-113-5

  • Brand: Farlin
  • Model: TOP-113-5
  • Contains: 50 Pcs.
  • Single and No-Touch-With-Hand pack is hygienic.
  • Firm stem made of environmental paper.
  • Double tipped swab. Cotton is fluorescence free.

FARLIN TOP 113-5 SAFETY COTTON BUDS 50PCS is an ear cleaner with a safe, relaxed, and robust (no longer breakable) plastic clean your nose, ears, and belly button. It makes cotton buds of soft cotton with a becoming form so one can now not make your baby’s skin will become angry whilst wiped clean. By the use of FARLIN Cotton Buds, your toddler will sense cozy and not fussy when being wiped clean.

TypeCotton Buds