Freezer Tumbler Glass


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Freezer Tumbler Glass

  • Freezer Tumbler Glass with Insulated Double Layered Jell Freezer Mug And Straw 300ml for juice cold coffee etc
  • ICE COLD MUGS KEEP YOUR BEVERAGES COLDER LONGER - Keep your beverages Ice Cold with these Double Walled Gel Freezer Mugs
  • A great way to cool down after a long day or being out in the sun.
  • PERFECT FOR SOFT DRINK, JUICES, SHAKES, WATER - and many other beverages! Perfect for around the Pool or Patio.
  • Great frosty mugs to take out of the freezer and enjoy with your favorite beverages
  • When the liquid appear frozen , remove it from the freezer and fill it with your favorite drink. Feel free to freeze and RE-FREEZE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN
  • SIngle Piece: Rs 390

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