Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Fleur - 100 ML For Women

Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Fleur - 100 ML For Women


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  • Brand: Halloween
  • Volume: 100 ML
  • Ideal For: Women

Description of product

New fragrance Halloween Fleur is inspired by using teenagers. In each culture and language there is an expression “in his prime” linked with the beginning of existence, beauty and subtlety. Many of the arena’s poets, painters and artists had been stimulated with the aid of the start of spring and the awakening of nature ... That magical moment of the primary blooming flora. Each flower is characterised by a variety of colors, texture of petals, freshness, scent and unique beauty, similar to any younger being full of dreamy endeavors and excessive ideals. The new fragrance stresses the innocence, honesty and teenagers in us, a reflection of the ability to daydream. Jesus del Pozo Halloween Fleur opens its dreamy compositions with a union of mandarin, violet leaves and pear nectar. Optimism is emphasised by using orchid, sambac jasmine and lilac, on a base of cashmere timber, amber and musk.

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