Livpure Model Envy Plus Water Purifier

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  • Filtration Technology Used: RO+UV+UF
  • Purification Capacity: Up To 15 litres hours *
  • Max Duty Cycle: Up to 75 litre/ Day
  • Storage Tank capacity: 8.0 Litre
  • RO Membrane: 75/80 GPD ( gallons per day)
  • Filter cartridges: Pre filter, sediment filter, activated carbon filter, silver impregnated post carbon
  • Ultra Violet lamp: 11 W
  • Min. Inlet water pressure: 0.3 kg/cm2
  • Max. Inlet water pressure: 3.0 kg/cm2
  • Input Voltage: 11 OV-300 V AC,50 HZ
  • Operating Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Ultra Violet Lamp: 11 W

Description of product

1st Stage: Pre Filter

The Water from tap is first Filtered through pre Filter. It removes physical impurities.

2nd Stage: Sediment Filter

Removes Suspended particulate matters and suspended solids by depth filtration of water.

3th Stage: Pre Activated Carbon Filter with High Adsorption Capacity

Removes Carcinogenic impurities like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, weedicides, trihalomethanes, residual chlorine and poly aromatic hydrocarbons.

4th Stage: RO Membrane

The water is passed through RO Membrane at high pressure. The RO removes bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Parasites and reduces dissolves salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic from water.

5th Stage: High intensity UV Rays Disinfection.

Deactivates virus and Bacteria present in water thus making water as per WHO, USEPA,BIS, and WQA Standards for drinking Water.

6th Stage: Ultra Filtration Membrane

Eliminates Bacteria, Cyst, Algae and Fungi from Raw water.

7th Stage: Silver Impregnated Post Carbon

It Prevents Bacteria growth and gives pure and tasty water.

You will get 15% discount. 1 year warranty and guarantee, 100 days, 200 days and 300 days free service for the first year.

After 1 year Annual Maintenance contract (AMC) Cost 3,400

Activated carbon Filter, Sediment filter and PP Spun will be changed in AMC.

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