Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner (Hazelnut) - 125 g

Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner (Hazelnut) - 125 g


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Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner (Hazelnut)

  • The re-sealable pack keeps your quadratini fresh down to the last one

  • A mouth-watering snack supply for a break wherever you are: At home, at work, on a trip, when exercising

  • A delight that never fails to please, whether you're on your own or with friends but only the good ones

  • Crispy wafers filled with hazelnut cream (75% cream)Loacker, Pure goodness! Pure goodness from the heart of

  • Italian AlpsSince 1925 the classic goodness with that unmistakable taste! Three crispy wafers and two layers of the finest Napolitaner cream, made with the best Italian hazelnuts toasted by Loacker.

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