Optisafe My Hero

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Description of product

Optisafe My Hero is a designed and licensed by Blackberry for Safety Purposes (Women Safety & Empowerment) SOS Alert, Audio Recording, Visual Recording, Distress Alarm and Live Location Tracking.Safety device for SOS based situations and has 5-6 months battery back up with changeable batteries.

Optisafe has launched My Hero, a distress companion device. It is designed to help people in distress and is extremely easy to wear or carry. It features two-way siren which sounds off loud distress siren simultaneously on the device as well the user’s smartphone.MyHero runs on a patented technology and is designed to be a modern-day solution to the age-old problem of personal safety & security. MyHero is a universal solution that can be used across a wide range of scenarios including women safety, senior citizens & even hard hat workers. My Hero uses a simple pull mechanism for activation, making it fast & convenient to communicate an emergency to your loved ones, getting them to act in time. Easy exchanges Bluetooth Low Energy technology offers a seamless connectivity, similar to regular Bluetooth while drastically reducing battery consumption. Making the device sleeker and low-maintenance; which completely eliminates the need for regular charging and uses LR 44 coin battery

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