Professional Reusable Rubber Gloves - Heavy (110 gm) Large , Yellow

Sku: Yellow Gloves

Sold By: Ghar Ko Store

Description of product

  • 1-pack of large sized heavy professional rubber gloves for general cleaning and indoor and outdoor use; yellow
  • Protects hands from cleaning product chemicals, hot water temperatures, mold, mildew, bacteria, and more
  • Durable rubber construction is waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Soft, non-restrictive lining keeps hands comfortable and helps prevent bacteria build-up between uses
  • Textured palm and finger tips for a non-slip grip
  • Can be reused many times for a wide variety of jobs

Professional Reusable Rubber GlovesProtect your hands while performing a wide variety of cleaning tasks with the AmazonBasics Professional Reusable Rubber Gloves. These durable gloves shield sensitive skin from hot water, chemical cleaning products, dirt, and grime. Waterproof yet flexible enough to easily manipulate objects, the gloves are a great option for washing dishes, scrubbing floors and other surfaces, or tackling general cleaning jobs both indoors and outdoors. Durable Construction & Non-Slip GripMade with tear-resistant, waterproof rubber, the AmazonBasics cleaning gloves are a reliable solution for tough jobs and unpleasant messes. Featuring textured palms and fingers, you’ll naturally minimize slippage while cleaning soapy dishes or grasping wet objects. Ideal for use at home or at work, the AmazonBasics rubber gloves are built to last and can be used many times over. Soft Lining & Tall CuffsThe professional cleaning gloves feature a soft inner lining and tall, extended cuffs that are comfortable, non-restrictive, and help reduce interior drips while you work. Prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew between uses by hanging the gloves in a well-ventilated area.

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