Spin Mop with Steel Spinner Rectangular

Spin Mop with Steel Spinner Rectangular


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Spin Mop Steel Spinner

Eco-cleaning complete Mop System designed to handle all your wet and dry mop needs! Magic Spin Easy Mop comes complete with: One dual action mop bucket and spin dryer mechanisms. Dehydration basket is made of stainless steel for long and robust usage.One Pro-stainless steel telescopic handle set with built-around bearing grip, spinning and tilting head mount to allow the mop to get around and under any obstacle. As well as two micro-fiber mop heads. Each made with 8000 strands for maximum absorbency and cleaning power.

  1. The best, fully loaded spin mop system with stainless steel mop wringer and handle.
  2. Electrostatic microfiber mop heads easily absorbs dirt and picks up dust and hairs.
  3. Mop bucket features rolling wheels, splash guard, drain hole, and cleaning dispenser.

2x Microfiber Mop Heads,
1x Chenille Mop Pad,
1x Scrub Brush,
1x Handle Extension,
1x Liquid Soap Holder

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