X-Shot Bug Attack Rapid Fire Z4801


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Description of product

  • Age: 8+
  • Award-winning darts with the latest foam technology
  • 6-dart capacity auto-rotating barrel
  • Real moving targets that crawl down the wall

Unload the Rapid Fire blaster 6 dart barrel in less than 5 seconds and watch the bugs fall from the wall! Throw the bugs at the wall, watch as they crawl down and serve as the perfect target practice opponents! The Rapid Fire’s special barrel auto-rotates when you prime it, making it possible for you to take multiple targets down in no time, just like in the old wild west. Can you shoot faster than they appear? The Rapid Fire’s innovative design allows you to quickly reload it on the front and jump right back into action! The X-Shot Bug Attack Darts are the perfect ammunition for your bug-blasting quest as they are the award-winning darts with the latest foam technology which infuse each shot with extreme accuracy, power and speed! Fight off the bug invasion with everything you’ve got!

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