YL-200 MIC with voice changing and bluetooth playback

Sku: SMYLZ00
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Sold By: Micronetics

Description of product

  • Turn on the Power: Press the power button, LED lights light, hear the boot tone
  • Connect to Bluetooth: Open the phone Bluetooth function, search Bluetooth pairing connection Bluetooth, when the LED flash to hear “ding dong” sound, indicating that the Bluetooth connection is successful
  • Play Music: Open the phone comes with music player APP software (kugou, sing it, all K song, etc.), select the favorite song to play
  • Use a TF card: Insert the TF card (SD memory card) under the control panel, enter the TF card playback mode, press the “pause button” to control the playback / pause. Short press “Previous” and “Next” button to switch songs at will
  • Sound Function: Press the power button in the control panel to switch the divert function
  • Recording Function: In the “singing” “kugou” and other K song software, such as the need to upload their own voice to the Internet, we need to send our “audio cable” end into the recording input port, one end into the phone headphone port will be able to sound Recorded, your voice can be “reverb volume /-” adjustment, you can upload and share
  • Note: After connecting with the phone once, Bluetooth has a memory function, can be automatically connected after the boot, if you want to disconnect, you can disconnect the phone Bluetooth setting

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